Fundraising Teams

You are just a few steps away from registering to participate in the 2016 Suburban Adventure Walk and Run, and creating a fundraising page.  Registration is FREE for each participant with a commitment to raise a minimum of $100.

Step 1: Visit FirstGiving!!

Step 2: Click the green “Fundraise” button

To Set Up or Join a Team: 

  • Select the “Quantity” of people you wish to register. You will have the option to create an account or sign in
  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Start or Join a Team
  • Customize your fundraising page, if desired
  • Finalize your registration and share it with others


Offline Donations:

  • Aside from using your fundraising website you can also collect “offline” donations of cash and checks.
  • You can manually list those on your fundraising page so it accurately reflects the amount of money your team has raised.
  • Bring those cash and check donations with you on June 13 in an envelope clearly marked with your Team Name and the total enclosed.


Does my team have to all walk?

No, each team member can choose 5k walk, 5k run or 10k run.  On the day you will register at the “Team Fundraising” tent and then any team members that want to run will then go register for the run.

How many can there be on my team?

As many as you want.  Unlike most fundraising events, there is no per person registration fee, however we are asking each team to raise a minimum of $100.  We do ask that everyone on your team help fundraise either through using your own page or creating their own pages linked to your page.

Fundraising Tips:

Here are some ideas that teams have done in past years to help raise money for the team:

  • Emailed their fundraising page to address book
  • Posted the link on facebook
  • Tweeted the link
  • Posted the link on their CaringBridge site
  • Lemonade stand
  • Restaurants donating a % of sales on a given night
  • Submitted grant requests from their company
  • Employee matching gift programs
  • Bake sale at work
  • Organized an “jeans day” at work
  • Organized a potluck lunch fundraiser at work
  • Organized many other types of their own small fundraising events for their team


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